The last 3 winter months we were busy to get the boat ready and to give presentations on climate change and workshops on sustainability to a very diverse audience: From schools to universities to communities in cities and mountain villages to foundations, clubs and companies.


The “climate strike” has a huge media coverage worldwide and specially in Switzerland. The result: Climate change is finally THE major topic in our society. But awardness is just the first step. Actions have now to follow!

Therefore we plan to organize “climate solution star marches” to the most important site of each country around national day. Starting on the 1st of August 2019 with a march to the “Rütli” where Switzerland was founded in 1291. Participants from all over starts hiking (or other climate friendly ways) from home to the Rütli in the center of Switzerland with a good climate solution in his backpack. The idea is to share/exhibit these great examples and ideas on the way and at the Rütli and use the opportunity to build action groups to implement it. We will start a whatsApp group “climate star” for everybody who likes to get involved.

Global Expedition News: We are soon back at the the Polar Circle preparing for our planned actions in the Arctic before sailing to schools in West-Africa. Pachamama just get its final tuning in Holland and we are looking forward to be offshore again.

Icy conditions in January in Holland

..more stories about our overwintering soon.