Today we did a presentation and a clean-up in a great school “Molsskolen” in one of the prime landscapes of Denmark. We learned that in Denmark already 50% of the power comes from windmills. After 2025 only fossil-free cars can be sold. In 2050 they don’t use fossil fuel to produce energy.

The village of Knebel is located in a beautiful lagoon where we anchored and met SY Escapade. Escapade and Pachamama met in already 4 oceans. Last time 12 years ago in Noumea in the South Pacific. We had a great reunion and a great 10th birthday for Noe.


Now we are just invited to a barbeque. Teacher “Thomas” and his family offered to do our laundry in their house. Tomorrow we hope to meet Elsemarie before we set sail further North towards Norway if conditions are fine.