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After visiting the primary school, three classes came to see how we are living on our boat. Our kids gave them a tour and explained to them how they live. The students were very interested and asked many questions.

The next day Gudula, a new friend from Switzerland, invited us to make art in her beautiful studio. We painted the whole afternoon and when we got home, everybody had made nice paintings and our faces were covered in paint.


Pal, the sailing teacher was very nice and helpful, he went optimist sailing with the kids and trained them for a regatta.


The kids took part in the Norwegian national optimist race. They were very good, Andri got the 1st place, Noe the 4th, both in class A and Alegra the 3rd place in class B.

Vital and Mia checked out a very interesting farm with Alpacas. Cecilie and her husband Steinar are just building a climate-friendly house all out of wood.


On Sunday we went with Thore and his kid’s crab fishing before we went windsurfing with him. Alegra caught one crab, we made a fire and enjoyed a nice afternoon:


In school the children made some research and learned how to draw diagrams:

alegra diagrammAlegra’s Diagram

“I asked 53 people how they go or went to school. Almost half of them said walk. One-third of the people come on the bus. Five come by bike.”


noe diagramm

Noe’s Diagram

“I asked 40 people how they go to work. Half of the people go by car. One person goes by helicopter. 7 people go by kickboard.”


andri diagramm

Andri’s Diagram

“I asked forty-six people in the Supermarket in which way they move the most in a day. Most people are walking, one-fourth of them are going in the car and only a few people took the bike. One-twelfth of people use other vehicles.”

img_7835.jpgBefore we left, we had to go with Noe to the doctor. All is fine again.

Agnetha, a teacher from high school, invited us to her family. Ole, Agnetha and their kids showed us around in their house and offered us a very good dinner. Sadly we had to hurry up in the end, because the wind was changing and we had to go. We left Farsund in the evening and we sailed to Stavanger by night.


We thank you for all your friendliness and hospitality, thank you for the sailing-lessons, the surfing, the bikes, the drawing session, and all the good talks and new friendships we made in Farsund.

Just arrived in Stavanger where Mia and Vital had their 1st TV performance: A film team made a documentary about climate change.


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