Merry Xmas

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We wish you all Merry Xmas and thank you for your support!

For two decades we try our best to inspire young people to save the planet with positive examples we explore, and the environmental actions we organize. In outdoor sports, we see the best medicine to save the planet. It connects you with nature. This friendship is fundamental to act for a better future.

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End of October we went by ferries and trains on a European tour using Interrail. We slept most of the time in our sleeping bags in 19 different places meeting wonderful people. Thank you all:

Thanks to our report on the Norwegian TV evening news, our old-time friends of sailboat Empire, contacted us. We met last time in Mauritius in 2011, where we climbed an amazing looking mountain “Peter Both”together. – We were happy to stay at their new home, before taking the ferry to Germany. Thank you so much.

Our first talks we had in Swiss schools, followed by a presentation at the “energy city of Aadorf” and at the “Victorinox round table” in Zurich. We were quite impressed by the environmental spirit of the Lemania-Verbier International School

We continued to visit schools in France and followed an invitation of famous Clown Francesco and his lovely wife Nadine to Southern France to brainstorm about his “Eco-Circus” and learn some acrobatic tricks for our presentations. Climbing mecca “Buoux” was just around the corner and we had a blast.

Our next base to visit schools was close to Toulouse, where Lotti and Marc and their two daughters are living an exemplary live together with nature.

After our school presentation near Montserrat, Spain we had the opportunity to get involved in a “zero Plastic” campaign before we had to decide to participate at the “Climate Change Conference” in Spain or to fulfill the agreed school presentations in Western Switzerland. Looking back to the “Madrid results”, we think that we did right to meet with more students instead. It also strengthened our belief that “inspiring the youth to act” is the most efficient to get long-lasting change.

Just back in Switzerland, we all participated in the “Silvester Lauf in Zürich” where Alegra became 1st (4th in her category), Salina and Noe 2nd (8th and 11th in their category), and Andri because of a cold 27th in their age/category and train for next ski mountaineering races.

At our annual assembly, we honored our former board member Gabi for her huge commitment to TOPtoTOP over nearly two decades as well as Marc & Lotti for her live project.

At the moment we stay in Grindelwald, thanks to Bruder Martin’s mother “Madeleine”. Here we celebrate Xmas and have some time to recover before we are heading back to continue the expedition by boat.

Annual report coming soon!


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