See report on Norwegian national TV (last topic in the news after 10’30”) and the announcement in the newspaper “Framtid i Nord“.

Made possible thanks to: VICTORINOX, Sørheim Brygge, Topper International, Torqeedo, Lyngen Kommune, Tromsø Seilforening, Magic Mountain Lodge, Lyngen Lodge, SPAR Lyngseidet.

Alegra just gave an interview in the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” about how she lives differently: “Ich wohne anders“.

In October we have been on a road show to the South of Norway and Sweden.

We did a presentation for the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club in Oslo. Dario had the perfect outfit, thanks to Pål from L’ESCALIER. Further we got invitations to present at corporate offices and dinners to find partners for our Arctic expeditions in 2022. Thank you very much Rolf and 2 x Pål!

The next day, we got invited by the Swiss ambassador Bernard Jaggy in Oslo in his residence, close to the Kontiki – and Fram museum, where they asked us for a presentation, next time we come to Oslo. In the garden of the Swiss residence is one of the oldest trees in Oslo. The kids were busy picking up lots of apples in the ambassador’s garden. The apples, we used to cook a delicious Swiss speciality “Älplermaccaroni” for our host Pål and his daughter Caroline. Caroline is a teacher and was able to organize two school presentations in Oslo.

At the University in Sogndal our presentation was streamed to all 5 campi. Many thanks to the organizer and head of the department of environmental sciences Tarald Seldal.

Our sailing friend Odd Tufte from the local sailing club organized a presentation in Kaupanger. We hope some sailors join our “clean-up armada” next year.

At Caroline’s school “Ringstabekk Skole” in Oslo 130 students got inspired in one morning.

In Sweden we were able to finally update our passports and to meet ambassador François Voeffray-Peyro. Now we are back at 70 degrees North visiting local schools and sampling while the Orcas join us…