Our objective is to build: THE best ZERO-Energy House in the Arctic:

“If we can prove that zero emissions is possible in the high Arctic, it is possible everywhere thanks to innovative products and technologies!”

Like its role model at sea, the TOPtoTOP expedition sailboat “Pachamama“, the “TOP Villa Villekulla” sets new horizons. The TOP Base is simple, functional, attractive, kids-friendly and inspirational. The house is intended as a laboratory for inventing, testing and optimizing top technologies for a more sustainable future. The TOP Arctic Base serves as a hub for our campaign “Save the Arctic” where we support Arctic research to find solutions to adapt to the challenging changes.

In this Future Center, school classes learn about the TOP solutions for a more sustainable approach to our planet, which have been explored on the “TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition“. The eco-center “TOP Villa Villekulla” is located in the beautiful Lyngen Alps at 70 degrees north latitude in the high Arctic. “Villa Villekulla” is the name of Pippi Longstocking‘s house, the eternal children’s bestseller by Astrid Lindgren.

It is THE example in terms of energy saving and child friendliness and an inspiration to breathe new life into an old house.

This in the spirit of “reuse”, i.e. not simply demolishing and replacing old buildings, but renovating them with know-how. The TOP project proves that old buildings can be efficiently renovated to a zero-energy standard, even in the Arctic. We want to show that it makes sense to bring back to life a building that is over 100 years old and has so much to tell, and that this can be done with a lower budget than building a comparatively soulless new building. For example, the heating system is based on the sophisticated heat pump from “POLARENERGI”, which is connected to photovoltaics and supported by a wood stove during the polar night. The wood demand grows back around the house.

Our objective is to motivate people everywhere to copy our concept of “living light & less is more”!

An open house for everyone:

The house will be always a welcoming house also for families with children and people in need, but also an “ideas hub” of inventors, pioneers, researchers and artists, where visitors can “grasp” – in this “future center” – the best practice examples we collect on the “TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition” (e.g. Vanuatu refrigerator without electricity, etc.).

We experienced so much hospitality in our travels to more than 100 countries. Therefore, travelers such as sailors, cyclists or foot pilgrims are always welcome and have the opportunity to rest, to shower and to wash their clothes!

Empowering a friendship with nature, – to save the planet:

After two decades on the expedition, we have come to the conclusion that outdoor sports is the best medicine for our planet and the best investment, the one in children, as they are the future and will shape our planet. Therefore, children’s ideas are the key to the development of “TOP Villa Villekulla”, that is, to create the best house for children and by doing so to take care of the future of our planet.

Sport in nature creates a deep relationship between human and nature. This mutual relationship of trust is the basis for a sustainable future. – That is why we see our house as a “youth playground” and “outdoor base” where children can lend equipment to connect with nature (skis, kayaks, sailboats, bicycles, etc.) in the paradise of the Arctic, the Lyngen Alps.

A vision without action is just a dream. “Be part of the Future!” Take action and join us!

A Norwegian – Swiss joint venture!

This TOP project is made possible by the following partners:

Overall project management: