Our next goal 1500 NM to the Topper World Championships 2023 in Cork Ireland.

The last few months have not been easy for us. Difficulties with the energy house project, repairs on the ship and especially our housing situation cost a lot of energy. But there were also beautiful moments.

Good News:
Thanks to the generous support of Silvana and Paul (carpenters on the road), we finally have the kitchen almost finished and the bedrooms sanded and painted, among other things.

Thanks to Skarvik in Lofoten we got a new paint for Pachamama and NOGVA could solve the problems with the gearbox. Pachamama will now get new batteries and will be in top shape again.

Like three years ago we could stay with Peder in Svolvaer, Lofoten. Here his backyard:

Family Hasler, who visited us several times this spring in Lyngseidet helped Dario to sail the boat to the Skarvik boat yard, where Dominik celebrated his birthday at Peder’s place.

Peter Locher came to help Dario on the ship while Sabine and the children continued to work on the energy house project in Lyngseidet.

Pachamama then met the sailing ship Galinago 400 nautical miles further south in Alesund, joining TOPtoTOP. Their first task was to support our eDNA sampling program with ETH Zurich in Greenland. After a day of instructions by Sabine, Jael (Peter’s daughter) is now also fit for sampling. Salina will spend her vacations supporting Jael as well as visiting young Inuits with our TOPtoTOP environmental education program for the first time in West Greenland, as Pachamama want to focus further on East Greenland. Salina will also be able to combine her outreach with a math term paper for school.

We on Pachamama are now still needed for last interviews and filming for the documentary by ican-films. Livia, who has accompanied us on and off since 2016, is still doing the last shots and wants to film the sail away from Alesund on July 2. Our next goal is first the Topper World Championships 2023 in Cork, Ireland, where we are planning an environmental event with the athletes.
Andri, Noé and Alegra are the only athletes from the Arctic to arrive by sailboat. In the last months they had good training conditions in the Arctic: