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The TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition is the 1st expedition over the 7-Seas to the 7-Summits that will be achieved by human and nature’s power only.

Our mission is to inspire children for a better future. Along the expedition we share examples of nature’s beauty and innovations for a green planet, in class rooms all over the world.

Our key messages is “climate protection” and “enjoy nature through sport but also give something back to nature”.

The expedition is a reference to demonstrate that great goals and progress can be achieved in balance with nature.

Our vision is that TOPtoTOP becomes a lasting platform which inspires children for nature and sport globally.”

One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Aloha, Welcome to Kauai. My name is Brenda Rogers and I organized the transport of your bicycles from Santa Cruz California to San Clemente.
    We live on the Hanalei river and I would love to invite your family for Breakfast, Lunch or dinner. Let me know what day works best this week. We can either get you by our boat or come up with your dingy.
    If you need any assistance please let me know what we can do to help you while on island. My number is 808 346-0307. email Blessings, Brenda


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