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7 thoughts on “Connect with us

  1. Guten Tag
    In einem 20 Minutenbericht habe ich gelesen, dass Sie schon einige Schulen besucht haben.
    Im Herbst 2016 haben wir an der Oberstufe in Brunnen (SZ) eine Projektwoche zum Energie.
    Sind Sie dann in der Schweiz oder gerade unterwegs?
    Ein Besuch mit kleinen Projekten für die Jugendlichen wäre extrem spannend.
    Weiterhin eine gute Reise und viele tolle Erlebnisse,
    freundliche Grüsse
    Steffi Duss

  2. Dear Steffi,
    I am currently reviewing the Cruisers Websites on Noonsite – yours is as follows – TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition
    Posted 24 September 2012
    We are a Swiss family already cruising since 12 years around the world and made on the trip 4 children. We like to contribute with our blog and encourage more families to try once to go sailing with their kids. Nature is really a great teacher for them and we hope we meet them once in an anchorage and go together for a clean-up? We are currently in Salvador and plan to sail N to go through the NW Passage next August to make it to Alaska to climb our last TOP, Mount McKinley, before heading South again to Antarctica for Mount Vinson.
    Perhaps you would like to tell us if you would like this udpated/added to or deleted from Noonsite and I will take the necessary action. Many thanks – regards – Chris Penny

    • Saw the boat here in my home town of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. I wish I had known more about the mission when the boat was here. Good luck & smooth sailing!

  3. Hello Family Schwörer (I write in English, just in case you do not read this Messages personally)
    You remember Globetrotter-Travelmagazine from Switzerland? We made an Interview with you in 2010.
    We now saw the Blog from Emilie Müller, 85 days as a schoolteacher on board the Pachamama.
    We are now interested to make an intervie with Emilie – could your please give me her E-Mail-Adress?
    Thank you very much, Karin from Globetrotter Switzerland

  4. Just sent you a wrong E-Mail-Adress – made a mistake, sorry.
    this one is the correct one – my account in the Office.

  5. Hi
    I just heard your presentation at RNSYS this afternoon and it was very interesting how you traveled the world and it was very impressive to see what you do to keep the planet clean. Have fun on your journey to the US. I am from St.Gallen and live in Wolfville NS since July this year. I had a conversation with your son (9) about the journey and st.gallen maybe he might be interested to keep in contact.

  6. Dear Darro

    We look forward to seeing you at Molsskolen tomorrow, Friday, August 16, 2019
    You have made an agreement with Thomas Konggaard from Molsskolen to give presentations to our students on 7-9. year.

    I have received a “voltmachtsregelung”, but expect that we have an agreement that the lecture is free for the Molsskolen. We have not made a payment agreement for the lecture.

    Claus Peter Olesen, Molsskolen

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