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We can no longer close our eyes to the increasingly severe weather and higher tides happening in many places around the world.  We have a moral obligation to our children to protect them and that means preparing for and tackling climate change starting now.



We just completed passage through the Arctic without an icebreaker and were the first Pacific to Atlantic sailing expedition to transit the Northwest Passage using the historically icebound Fury & Helca Strait.  In addition, our Mia was the youngest person to transit the Northwest Passage!

Some scientist predict that the Arctic Ocean may become an “open sea”. The beginning of that we may have seen transiting the Northwest Passage.


The 2016 September minimum sea-ice area is the second lowest on record. The white area is the 2016 minimum compared to:

  1. the 30-year September mean for 1981-2010 (orange),
  2. the lowest September minimum in 2012 (cyan) and
  3. the 2007 September minimum (red).
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