• The Sun is back!

    The Sun is back!

    Check the latest article “20 years at sea: The Swiss family sailing the globe in search of solutions“, by Anne-Marie Hoeve from News: We experience a cold arctic winter with a lot of snow on board of Pachamama. The days are busy: We are engaged in many sport activities to inspire the youth for… Read more

  • TOPtoTOP Annual Report 2021

    TOPtoTOP Annual Report 2021

    Download TOPtoTOP Annual Report 2021 Our Progress — how we meet our goals In line with our belief that “inspiring youth to act” is the most efficient way to facilitate long-lasting change, we, as is customary, visited schools and universities with our program. In January, we participated in the “Expedition Sailing Virtual Boat Show”.  While… Read more

  • Sailing Event Lyngseidet

    Sailing Event Lyngseidet

    See report on Norwegian national TV (last topic in the news after 10’30”) and the announcement in the newspaper “Framtid i Nord“. Made possible thanks to: VICTORINOX, Sørheim Brygge, Topper International, Torqeedo, Lyngen Kommune, Tromsø Seilforening, Magic Mountain Lodge, Lyngen Lodge, SPAR Lyngseidet. Alegra just gave an interview in the German newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” about… Read more

  • Polar bear and Gold

    Polar bear and Gold

    Note: Noé’s report in German find below. The wind turned to the North and the anchorage became unsafe in Kwalrossbukta on Jan Mayen. After the climb of the Beerenberg volcano, it was a major challenge and operation to get everybody from the shore to the boat. Andri together with Dario in survival suits managed to… Read more

  • Beerenberg – the world’s northernmost volcano

    Beerenberg – the world’s northernmost volcano

    Salina 16, Andri 14, Noé 11 and Alegra 10 became the first kids climbing Beerenberg to honor its Swiss compatriot Paul-Louis Mercanton on the 100-year jubilee of the 1st ascent. Except for the first ascenders – Swiss meteorologist Paul-Louis Mercanton, English polar explorer and geologist James Mann Wordie and naturalist Thomas Charles Lethbridge on a… Read more

  • Svalbard up to 80° North

    Svalbard up to 80° North

    Last year we were later in the season and became the first sailboat circumnavigating whole Svalbard! See “Clean up the North Pole”: TOPtoTOP Arctic Research Expedition report # 3: Location: Longyearbyen Date: 2021-06-30 Author: Dario, Noé Track us! Outcome: The amount of plastic was increasing more North and max at the edge of the pack-ice.… Read more

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