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Promoting Cycling in San Diego

Yesterday many families participated on the Coronado Family Cycling event to promote cycling. Many people cheered as the many kids cycled along. From North Park we cycled to Coronado and back. It was impressive to see the impact of the ferry that runed into the dock just two days before.
All was very well organized by our local friend Toni Young-Pen. Her parents organized Tacos in Coronado so that we got some energy back to cycle all the way back to North Park.

Many thanks to Toni and Chris, all families and congrats to all kids!

We have arrived in Dana Point!

We have arrived in Dana Point to what can only be described as a rapturous welcome, both on and off the water – including the count sheriff boats water display escorting us into the harbour! Thank you so much to Gary and Laurie of San Clemente Green for organising this amazing welcome and getting a crowd down to greet us. We will be docked just outside the Ocean Institute in Dana Point for the next two weeks. If you are in the area, please do come down and say hi, or join us at our public presentation this Saturday (11th) at the Ocean Institute at 12 noon.Continue Reading →


Apologies for the lack of updates recently, after reaching Pier 39 and meeting with Google, we all took some time to rest and recuperate from the cycle.
Until we reached the boat, I don’t think any of us had realised how much the cycle journey had taken its toll on us all, both physically, but also perhaps more so mentally. As such, it has been good to have a few weeks out of the saddle and sleeping bags, to rest, get ill, get better again and start preparing for the next leg of the trip. In this time, Dario was also able to help the Prince William Sound Science centre in Cordova develop their education program.
Shortly after arriving back at the boat, Salina and Andri travelled with Erik and Sorren; who had joined us on the final cycling leg, back to Cordova, where they will go to school for a couple of months. Thank you so much for joining us Erik and Sorren, thank you also to all in Cordova who have been so kind and generous to our family – it really is so greatly appreciated.
Yesterday we hit the ground running, thanks to Steve Hipskind, Chief, Earth Science Division at NASA Ames in Mountain View, who invited us to give a presentation to some of the employees on the campus, as well as giving us a tour! We were introduced to Steve and his wife Cathy through friends in Aptos, and were fortunate enough to meet in person whilst in the mountain view area when presenting to Google. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and for welcoming us into your home.Continue Reading →

TOPtoTOP meets Silicon Valley

What a busy couple of weeks it’s been. Once we had arrived back in Pier 39 we then immediately turned around and headed south for a week of meetings, school presentations and talks!
First up was a long awaited meeting at Google HQ in Mountain View. This was set up thanks to Pascal, a friend we met whilst in Red Rocks which was super – and good to catch up with Pascal again. Without Google maps I have little idea how we would have made it through the cities cycling, so it was a big day for us to meet the minds behind it all!
We all know and use Google a huge amount, but aside from owning half of the internet, they are also paving the way for green working; amazingly having been carbon neutral since 2007! You can read more on their green policies here. (I would…it’s pretty impressive!).Continue Reading →

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