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We arrived safe in Apia harbour on Samoa. Unfortunately we could not land on Suwarrow Island because the swell was too big for the dangerous pass into this atoll. The wind on the passage was mostly between 20 and 30 nm and up to 40 nm in the squalls. So we have had a fast passage and once we made 188 nm in 24 h.

In Apia We arrived on Saturday morning and had to wait till Monday to do the clearance to get the permission to go on shore. Like this we have had a lot of time to paint, to wash our cloths and to clean the bilge after a disaster with the toilette. But do not worry: Our small inspector just told us that everything is all right again!

During the working days we are busy to do our school presentations and to collect good examples.
At the Leifiifi College we saw a very good example, the plastics recycling project. The students are collecting plastic bottels. The bottles are than recycled to produce tables and chairs for the students.
At the Stevenson Memorial Reserve the park ranger Afele Faiilagi Saili explained us the erosion of the coast caused by sea level rising, caused by global warming.

Today we have been at the Apia Primary School. Annemarie has done a recycling workshop, Dario a presentation on global warming and Sabine was presenting our country Switzerland.

A funny story from our TOPtoTOP member Federico from Chile:
“Estimados Sabine, Dario y chicos. Hoy tuvimos una gran sorpresa. A la hora del caf

Activities in Chiloe island

Sailing North to Valdivia there was Annemarie, Sabine, Salina and Dario on Pachamama. The weather was not so good. The wind was shifting to the North and often there was no wind. We often have had to wait for better sailing conditions and so we have had enough time to concentrate on our activities on land:

On the way we found another environmental friendly solution: In Tictoc Manuel showed us his zero-energy-consuming pump.
In Quinched on the island of Chiloe William Banister offered us a free buoy in his Marina, where his sun Jan runs an eco-tourism company.
Together with his wife Valeska we organized our TOPtoTOP activities:

There was a clean up on the beach on a windy day with a great result and Annemarie showed them what is organic and what we can recycled. …and like always there was our presentation and the TOPtoTOP drawing contest with great solutions for the environment.
Another stop was in Quemchi. Our anchor was not working very well, so thanks to the Armada de Chile. They offered us a free buoy. Together with Victor and Carlos we organized our activities and a presentation in the town hall.
We arrived safely in Valdivia and just right for the noche Valdiviana with fireworks, boat parade and fire falls.
Sad was only, that Annemarie has to leave to organize her daughters wedding, – but we hope she has a wonderful party! We are looking forward to see her back on Pachamama in Polynesia … we are already missing her company and her big working experience with children.
Also Salina and Sabine made some important steps: Salina got her first shoes and Sabine got 30:
– The kitchen team preparing birthday dinner
– Birthday barbeque: the meat was a present from the farmer-family Meynet
– Birthday breakfast and our babysitters Pilar and Jose.
At the moment we are preparing for the next events with children on Robinson Crusoe Island. If somebody is interested on the 2-month crossing to Polynesia

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