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Harvesting and isulating

Please read the last update regarding the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Contest in Switzerland 2014!
More pictures here!
2013-09-29_usa-alaska-cordova_alegra-bear-track.JPGAlegra following the Grizzly track
2013-09-19_usa-alaska-cordova_problem-solvers.JPGTOPtoTOP presentation in front of the problem solvers in Cordova. Thank you Anita for organizing the event!
Thumbnail image for 2013-09-20_usa-alaska-cordova_tsunami-trash-wendy.JPGTsunami debris collected by Wendy from the Orca Lodge.
2013-10-04_usa-alaska-cordova_girl-scouts-watershed-project.JPGGirls scouts documenting salmon habitat in the Copper River watershed.
Join the Copper River Watershed Project in their efforts to document habitat where salmon and trout spawn and grow up. There are approximately 35’600 miles of stream in this huge watershed!
The loss of rearing habitat due to development and impediments to fish passage has resulted in significant decreases to salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest. By protecting rearing habitat in the Copper River watershed, we believe we can help sustain healthy populations of Copper River salmon into the future. Here a picture of a salmon captured by a bear and left behind when we arrived.
2013-10-08_usa-alaska-cordova_moose-cutting-noe-alegra-victorinox.JPGNoe and Alegra with a Victorinox and a piece of moose.
We had our first moose meat thanks to Eric and Kristine. Everybody try to get a moose or deer. Here a picture from the mast.
2013-09-20_usa-alaska-cordova_hiking-2.JPGHiking with our friends.
Noe, becomes a sportsman! Hi hiked a total of 10 miles up to the TOP without any problems and just learned to bike. He likes glaciers and may become a mountain guide like his father and brother Andri. See him here in his 1st crevasseView image.
2013-09-29_usa-alaska-juneau_douglas-elementary-2.JPGDario talking to elementary students in Douglas.
2013-10-09_usa-alaska-cordova_scouts-troop-624.JPGTOPtoTOP presentation for the scout troop 624 from Cordova.
2013-10-06_usa-alaska-cordova_view.JPGThis is Mount Mc Kinley in Cordova.
2013-10-10_usa-alaska-cordova_insolating-sabine.JPG Sabine isolating
This month we take the boat apart to optimize our insolation. In the lst 2 weeks we managed to do 2 cabins so far.
2013-10-09_usa-alaska-cordova_old-boat-harbor-1.JPGOur home till next spring: Cordova old boat harbor.
Reminder: This weekend we have the TOPtoTOP General Assembly. As an active member please write to Dario, if you like to join in Cordova or online.

Annual report 2013

Dear TOPtoTOP member
Below the annual report 2013 with routing, outlook and member fees information.
Please help us line up some presentations or come as a volunteer to support the TOPtoTOP Award from the 12th to the 25th of January 2014 in Switzerland or join us on the expedition.Thanks for your support and hope to meet you soon: en_2013_top-to-top-annual-report.pdf.
We are very said about the lost of our dear friend Daniel. He was supposed to climb on Denali with TOPtoTOP next spring and passed away on the 22nd of September.
Daniel became 28 years old and was a scientist,writer,climber and sailor. He crewed on SY Second Wind with captain Bill Heumann, where we met him first time in Mauritius in 2011. Our last hike was the TOP of St.Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.
“Deep down,you know the madness on land will never equal the peace found at sea.” by Daniel Glass,May 5,2013…He loved the sea and just completed a salmon fishing season with his uncle, Eric Jordan, on the troller, I GoTTA…. Read the eleulogy of Daniel’s brother.
Learn more about the fishing out of Cordova with Bill!
Liebes TOPtoTOP Mitglied
Unten der Jahresbericht 2013, mit Route und Outlook sowie die Anfrage für den Mitgleiderbeitrag 2014.
Nach knapp 3 Jahren kommen wir wieder einmal für ca. 2 Monate in die Schweiz, um das US-Visa zu erneuern.
Gerne wollen wir einige Präsentation organisieren oder als Bergführer unterwegs sein, um das Budget aufzubessern. Kannst Du uns einen Vortrag organisieren oder kennst Du jemanden, der einen Bergführer braucht? Zwischen Ende November und Mitte Februar hätten wir Zeit? Weiter findet vom 12.-25. Januar zum zweiten Mal der TOPtoTOP Award statt und wir suchen noch Helfer? …oder begleite uns im nächsten Jahr auf der Expedition? Vielen Dank für Deine Unterstützung: de_2013_top-to-top-annual-report.pdf


Climate solutions? Environmental actions? Inspiring sustainable projects and examples in your region? If you have your story to share, join the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Contest now! Students with the best ideas will be invited to the Award Expedition in Switzerland taking place in autumn 2013.
This video shows the TOPtoTOP Award Expedition 2010. The invited students from all over the world explored the positive climate solutions Switzerland has put into action and witnessed the devastating effect of climate change in the region.
How it works
Now it’s time for you to participate as well!
Send your video or PDF showcasing either: Your own environmental action, a climate solution you created, a good environmental example in your region to dario (at)
The next expedition takes place from the 12th to the 25th of January 2014.
TOPtoTOP is a non-profit organisation that takes action focussed at the chances and risks of climate change. The TOPtoTOP objective is to connect people to nature and sport through the TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition that is based on sustainability.
myclimate and Switzerland. are the main partners of TOPtoTOP, Victorinox and SGS the main sponsors.

Oldest TOPtoTOP member passed away

Darrio’s grandmother “Nona” passed away on the 3rd of September at 4.23 h. She was healthy till the end and was with 101 years our oldest member. The funeral will take place on the 6th of September at 14h at the ref. church in Landquart, Switzerland. Dario’s number is +41 81 723 39 77.