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Swiss TOPtoTOP Expedition

The global expedition started in Geneva on December 3rd 2002, with Swiss TOPtoTOP. The core expedition team climbed to the highest TOP of each Kanton in Switzerland in 160 days non-stop, covering in total 2953 km and 96’609 altimeters. Along the route they visited 35 schools to motivate children about nature and sport. Swiss TOPtoTOP – the start of the Global Climate Expedition, delivered 83 press articles, 16 radio and 10 TV interviews.
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swiss TOPtoTOP

Family Camp in Switzerland

The annual TOPtoTOP family Camp in Maloja Switzerland is from the 15th to the 22nd of July 2012. The Schwoerer family will make contact once with the camp by skype from Brazil. Interested to join the TOPtoTOP family camp 2012? Get in contact with Lucia (!


Congratulation to the twins of Lisa and Simon Horauf (Sydney to Hobart Race), born on the 21st of September 2010 in Sydney and congratulation to Julia and Martin Hug to Max, born on the 24th of September 2010 in Switzerland!
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0006.JPG Pers Glacier with Palü in the background
We had a great TOPtoTOP 10th anniversary camp in Maloja, thanks to Vandy’s great organization skills:
On the 1st of August at the Swiss national day; the illumination of the traditional fire was like in a comedy, with the police and firemen involved. There were many kids in the camp and we did a lot of activities from sailing to mountain climbing and sometimes also an indoor program with Annemarie when the weather was not fine.
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0021.JPG Vandy, Roesch, Michi, Carl, Johanna, Maria-Louise and Dario climbed Bernina – Bellavista and Palü, where TOPtoTOP started in 1999.
As soon as all Award winners were present we started the award expedition for 3 weeks to the best practice examples in Switzerland (see last reports). Thanks to our member Gabi it was just perfect.
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0008.JPG Camp in Maloja and start of the TOPtoTOP Award Expedition
After the TOPtoTOP Award Expedition in Switzerland we were busy giving presentation in Waengi, Frauenfeld, Buch am Irchel and Zouz as well as in the headquarters of SGS in Geneva and Victorinox in Ibach.
In between we had media interviews and filming sessions on the Morteratsch glacier. For Sabine and Dario it was a shock to see how much the glacier retired since they started the expedition the first time in 2000.
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0007.JPG Morteratsch Glacier
This doc film under the title “Familie Schwörer: Klimareise mit Kind und Segel” will be broadcasted on Swiss TV on the 23th of October (Fenster am Sonntag).
Sabine and Dario had in the whole time in Switzerland one day off. They climbed Palü and celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary at the 25th of August together with Sabine’s parents Rosi and Ernst in Jakobsthal.
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0015.JPG Pizol Glacier
Dario took the opportunity to climb with his parents Ottavia and Reto and godchild Flurina to the TOP of Mount Pizol, while in Switzerland. All other climbers were quite impressed that Salina managed to climb this glacier top with 5 years without any support.
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0016.JPG TOP of Mount Pizol with Noe’s godfather Franz, Nona Ottavia, cousine Flurina and sister Salina on the cross
Finally we also went to see our dentist and got some tools so that we are able to act on the ocean, if necessary.
Just before we returned to the global expedition Noe was for his last control in the Children’s Hospital in Zurich. Many thanks again to doctor Gobe and doctor Gonzales. They have done just two perfect operations and we are so happy that Noe is o.k. again.
2010-09-25_expedition-report_switzerland_0019.JPG Last weekend on the 18th of September at 12 a.m. we had the baptism of Noe Reto Vital on the TOP of Mount Gonzen together with many friends and family. Thanks to our priest Felix Buechi, who baptized Salina on the same spot in 2005, it was a great ceremony and thank you very much for joining.
Family and friends at Noe’s baptism
So many thanks again to all and specially our parents making our stay in Switzerland as comfortable as possible. After two months in Switzerland we are now back on the expedition visiting schools in India.
Our mobile number is: +91 (0) 987 11 09 475

TOPtoTOP events in Switzerland

The TOPtoTOP General assembly and the TOPtoTOP Fiesta on Lanaberg from the 1st to the 3rd of July was a success. On the 2nd of July we climbed Mount Gonzen and celebrated the baptism of Salina. – Thanks for your partizipation!
Next Saturday, the 6th of August, we will meet on the campground in Maloya for the TOPtoTOP Sports Camp. From our base camp we do sailing, climbing, hiking, biking and clean ups.
Please do not forget your tent, sleeping bag, mat, kitchen tools, good shoes, hiking clothes, and pocket light.
If possible climbing shoes, climbing harness.
Please let us know if you can bring a cooker.
Bikes and sailing boats we go to rent.
— German:
Naechsten Samstag treffen wir uns gegen abend auf dem Campingplatz Maloya. Zur Zeit haben wir 14 Anmeldungen. Der Campingplatz ist unser Basislager, von wo wir segeln, klettern, wandern, biken, clean ups und ein Gletschertrekking machen wollen.
Bitte Zelt, Schlafsack, Matratze, Taschenlampe, Ess- und Kochgeschirr, gute Schuhe und Kleider (Regenschutz, Muetze, Handschuhe, Sonnenbrille) mitnehmen.
Falls moeglich: Steigeisen (angepasst), Eispickel, Gst