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Iceland to Holland

After Greenland, we made it back to Olafsfjördur in Iceland.



Hordur from Reykjavik helped us fixing some issues on Pachamama. He and his girl-friend Katla gave Christina a lift to us.


The kids were so excited to have Christina back on board.


Our friend Sverrir joined us on the long leg all the way to Amsterdam.


He took a lot of lamp meet and was a great cook and seaman.


Because of weather and sea conditions, we sailed non-stop. We got trapped once in bad conditions for nearly 20 hours without moving South between Iceland and the Faroe Islands. In the North Sea, we were shocked by the many oil rigs. It was like a forest and mad navigation kind of difficult.



We got a free birth in Amsterdam Marina where we had to say goodbye from Sverrir. He went on to Norway to meet part of his family.

IMG_0326Together with Christina, we sailed from Amsterdam trough several logs into the Islemeer to Medemblick, where we had a nice welcome by the Harbormasters Marcel and Erik.



We got a place for Pachamama from our friend Pieter H..


Our old friend Pieter S. joined us to help to take the sails down and preparing the bicycles.

After these difficult months with the repairs of Pachamama, we are totally exhausted and need a rest. We decided to continue cycling and visiting schools mainly in Europe this winter. The first leg will be along the Rhein river through the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland.


Yesterday Christina’s father “Bruno” came to pick up Christina before we set off from Medemblik. He also took a lot of staff from us for Switzerland. Thank you so much.


Sailing of Iceland

We finally have a weather window to leave Olafsfjördur, Iceland and hope to get to Medemblik in Holland in about 10 – 14 days. You can trek us here.

We plan to cycle around mid-September along the Rhein river to Switzerland and visit schools on the way. Everybody is welcome to join us!

We plan to do a big party in Switzerland on the 20th of October for Andri’s 12th (25th) and Dario’s 50th (16th) birthday, so keep this weekend open!



We have been in Greenland assisting the EAGRE expedition and to continue our project with Inuit kids.  Here some pics.


The team leaving Olafsfjördur where we were invited by fisherman Sverrir.

To much ice! So we could not sail to Wagner Peninsula and had to drop our friends and researchers at Constable Point.

Inuit know a lot about their environment!


1st step of Vital on Pachamama anchored in Ittoqqortoormiit.


Retreating glaciers we document… and the signs of climate change. Where glaciers disappear, there are beaches and flores:

This football field where we did a clean-up together with some Inuit friends is with artificial grass, – but Greenland becomes for shure greener!


New friends and sailing in the wonderland:

Back to Olafsfjördur in Iceland where more than 60 friends came to our “thank you and farewell” (here only a part of them):IMG_6364 Now we are waiting for a weather window to sail South, where we hope to do the last repairs and like to visit schools cycling in Holland, Germany, France and in Switzerland.


Pachamama sails again

Pachamama left the yard in Akureyri after 6 months. Our children were so excited to be back on the boat. But we are all totally exhausted after this most difficult time on our expedition.

We like to thank all the people who supported us to overcome this huge challange that was actually too much for us.

We hope to get our spirit and energy back soon. Next, we sail to Greenland for an outreach program with Inuit kids and assist in climate research EAGRE (see more on facebook).

Plastic clean up record

During our school event in the Hrafnagilsskóli school we cleaned the Eyjafjarðará river.

IMG_5824 2The students made a new record on the TOPtoTOP Expedition: It was the biggest plastic piece ever since the start of the expedition 18 years ago. It was a huge plastic tube.

IMG_4423But there were also big plastic tarpaulins. Probably they come from the haybills, which are also wrapped up here in plastic like almost everywhere.