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Arrived in Farsund




We arrived in Farsund, Norway just right for the 2nd birthday of Vital on the 23rd of August. 2 days later Sabine and Dario celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary. The same day we sailed into Farsund, SY Belle Epoque arrived too. Last time we met them was in Cordova, Alaska in 2014:



Since we arrived we had presentations and clean-ups on every working day. Above pictiures from high and middle schools.

Here our contest which school can cry the loudest “help our planet”. So they did pretty well:


Last Saturday we went for a field trip with 30 students to some wetlands nearby that counts to the most important spots for migrating birds in the Northern hemisphere. Students were analyzing the progress of the biodiversity after a renaturation, while others caught 340 birds (just in one day) to ring them and collect data.


The Middle School in Farsund also tries to reuse the plastic they find at the beach. Here they do a “greenhouse” project initiated by teacher Agnethe Salvesen:


Andri, Noe and Alegra joined an Optimist regatta in Kristiansand sailing for the local sailing club of Farsund and got 1st, 2nd and 7th. The Club asked them to sail again in the name of the club next weekend. That gives us time to visit more schools in the area and fish:


Goodbye Knebel

Pachamama anchored in Knebel (above)


In Knebel the kids tried hard to transform our Zodiac in a sailing dinghy and were pleased to use an Optimist, a local family offered them. We were also allowed to pick as many apples as we want.


After a last barbeque, we said goodbye and sailed off. Soon after we came along a huge cool plant. The newly constructed windmills are the obvious reminder of the change in the energy sector.


The sailing was sometimes wet, but finally, the sun came out and we crossed the North Sea towards Norway.



Today we did a presentation and a clean-up in a great school “Molsskolen” in one of the prime landscapes of Denmark. We learned that in Denmark already 50% of the power comes from windmills. After 2025 only fossil-free cars can be sold. In 2050 they don’t use fossil fuel to produce energy.

The village of Knebel is located in a beautiful lagoon where we anchored and met SY Escapade. Escapade and Pachamama met in already 4 oceans. Last time 12 years ago in Noumea in the South Pacific. We had a great reunion and a great 10th birthday for Noe.


Now we are just invited to a barbeque. Teacher “Thomas” and his family offered to do our laundry in their house. Tomorrow we hope to meet Elsemarie before we set sail further North towards Norway if conditions are fine.

From Texel to Germany


Last week we welcomed Livia on board. (picture: in the Southern lock, coming from the North Sea into the river Elbe into the Kiel Canal.)




On the way from Texel to Germany, we’ve seen some beautiful sunsets. We’ve also celebrated the Swiss national day on the 1st of August in Rendsburg while transiting the Kiel Canal.

IMG-20190806-WA0001In Strande, Andi and Andrea’s family came to visit!

IMG-20190806-WA0000We also had neighbors who care about healthy seas just as we do. We were happy after many years to meed SY Aldebaran with skipper Frank in Strande. Check out their projects on micro-plastic. TOPtoTOP and Aldebaran are looking into a partnership to join forces to protect our oceans.



Yesterday, we went alongside topsail schooner “Thor Heyerdahl“.  Dario and Captain Detlef Soitzek met last time 30 years ago, while Dario served on his ship and learned important nautical skills from Detlef. Detlef was not only an excellent teacher but had also a major impact on Dario’s future. Detlef served as a navigator on Thor Heyerdahl’s expedition “Tigris”. (The picture on the right shows the family with Detlef in the captain’s cabin.)