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Expedition Report: August 7, 2016

7th August, 2016
Noé and Alegra report:
We are going really slow because the wind is coming from the north. We even had take in the fishing line so we are faster. A tug boat went by fast and it told us the weather. We were both topless in the Arctic but we weren’t cold. After that we saw an Arctic bullet. It is actually called a jaeger or Arctic Skua but I (Noé) like Arctic bullet better. They can fly very fast and sometimes steal food from other birds. After that we did English.
I (Alegra) did some maths in school today. Then I helped mum make some yogurt.
Big waves came, Pachamama’s bow kept hitting the water hard. We couldn’t do anything. We saw some kittiwakes near by.
We had one quarter of an apple and one quarter of an orange, our daily ration of fruit, during our school break. For lunch we had wraps and cabbage, sweet corn, carrot salad. Cabbage can last very long.

Sabine reports:
At 23.50 hour Meret woke me up for my watch and said: “there are wales and ice!” I didn’t really think that it was ice to be honest,because she already saw once ice but it wasn’t! But when I came up I saw it immediately! There were big ice blocks on the sunset-colored horizon!
Nature here is so pure and innocent. Like the first sight of a newborn! I am so amazed about that spectacle and thankful to see such a wonder…

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Love from all of us,

Dario  & Sabine, Salina, Andri, Noe, Alegra, Mia and Christina, Cornellia and Meret


Expedition Report: Bering Sea, Wild Winds, Snow, & WW2 Ruins

Just passed the Bering Strait last night. Wind was wild: we got 45kn at Cape Prince of Wales. Pachamama was running 10.5 kn just with 2nd reef in the main and staysail half out. Soon after we were nearly calmed out in a steep unpleased swell. Because of N winds we have to tack and were close to the Russian Coast, so touched Asia again.

At the coast we see snow and ruins of world war 2 near Cape York, where is abounded Twin City. Some guillemots flying by. At sunrise this morning Coast Guard Vessel Healey passed and had a long conversation. We shared our experiences to sail the Bering Sea that they can use in there survey. Their Arctic study, see:

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Voyage Update

We left Ensenada, Mexico on the 28th of April and had week winds. Because of El Niño we had to go along Baja California far South to get into the trade winds. We are now on 19S 128W. Our ETA in Hawaii is somewhere end of May. Even it takes longer, we do not starve, instead we catch tuna. Fortunately we do not see much plastic, but unfortunately not many whales either. Some birds use the boat us a resting place for some days.

Love from all of us.