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Over more than 20 years, Dario & Sabine Schwörer and their family have circumnavigated our blue planet to every climate zone witnessing examples of climate change and its effect on communities, conducting field-based research for universities, scientists and research organizations, and sharing examples of innovative solutions they have learned along the way to protect, preserve and conserve our planet. At the core of their expedition, they meet with students at schools and community groups, organize clean-up campaigns, and present examples from around the world of counteracting global climate change by living an environmentally sustainable manner.

Distance sailed: 120,000 nautical miles

Mountains climbed: 600,000 vertical meters, including:

Mt. Blanc, France; Mt Aconcagua, Argentina; Mt. Everest, Nepal; Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania; Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia; Mt. Denali, Alaska

Distance cycled: 25,000 kilometers

Number of children attending TOPtoTOP school presentations: 150,000

Garbage collected in clean-ups: 65 tons

Start of the expedition with “Swiss TOPtoTOP”

Annual Report 2019