Map of the TOPtoTOP Expedition

7 Summits non-stop around-the-world by human power and nature’s force

The first 7-summits non-stop round-the-world expedition connects the 7 continents with their various climate zones and connects environmental issues with sport to engage young people in particular.

TOP’s of the seven continents:

  1. Mt. Blanc 4807m/15771ft, Europe – climbed
  2. Aconcagua 6959m/22831ft, South-America – climbed
  3. Denali (Mt. McKinley) 6198m/20335ft, North-America – climbed
  4. Mt. Kosciuszko 2230m/7316ft, Australia – climbed
  5. Mt. Everest 8846m/29022ft, Asia – climbed
  6. Kilimanjaro 5895m/19222ft, Africa – climbed
  7. Mt. Vinson 5140m/16864ft, Antarctica – coming next

They started in Switzerland climbing the TOP of the 26th states to explore the best practise examples for our climate in their hike between the TOPs. See where they started.

The core expedition team Sabine & Dario and their children Salina, Andri, Noe, Alegra, Mia and Vital together with volunteers from 57 different nations:

  • sailed 120’000 nautical miles with the expedition sailboat Pachamama
  • biked 25’000 km
  • climbed 600’000 altimeters and summited sofar 6 of the 7-Summits
  • became the 1st Swiss sailboat participating in the Sydney Hobart Race in 2008
  • became the 1st expedition to reach Denali from sea level without using a motor
  • opened new route in 2016 in the Arctic through the Northwest Passage through Fury & Hecla Strait into Foxe Basin and Hudson Strait
  • became the 1st sailboat to circumnavigate whole Svalbard in 2020

The expedition’s exclusive use of human power and nature’s force (wind, solar) proves that even today great achievements can be made in balance with nature. We hope that our initiative encourages people also to use their feet and bicycles more often as regular means of transportation.

See our expedition reports here.

The map below is not up to date