TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award


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  • building a strong network of global TOPtoTOP Ambassadors to protect our climate
  • exploring innovative climate solutions
  • producing a documentary to inspire more students to act


If you are a climate activist, share your story and participate in the TOPtoTOP Climate Solution Award!

Email a video-link or PDF showcasing either your own environmental action or a climate solution you created to award(at) Entries are accepted till the 1st of May 2021; no age limit. Best entries are invited to the next TOPtoTOP Award Expedition in summer 2021:

Like on the real TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition, you climb, cycle and sail to the best practice examples. Together with students from other continents, you work in a team to explore the most exciting solutions and efforts to protect the climate and study the impacts of global warming.

Together we produce a documentary to summarize the findings and results. Like this, you create your own tool to give presentations about the most innovative solutions to protect our climate.

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See previous entries, participants list etc. from 2010 and 2014