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The objective of our talks and presentations is to inspire people to act for our planet.

In the last two decades we talked to more than 300’000 people. In schools, universities, for cooperates, sports clubs, environmental groups and at UN conferences.

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Classroom Presentations


As a mountain guide, Dario Schwörer loved leading mountaineering expeditions that included children and adolescents. His passion for nature was infectious, especially with young people. And when Sabine and he launched TOPtoTOP, they agreed that their mission and responsibility was to meet with students along their route and inspire them to take part in outdoor sports and respect their natural environment.

To date, TOPtoTOP have made presentations on climate change solutions to more than 150,000 students.  By sharing their adventures and experiences, they inspire the youth to act for a better future by embracing innovations to counteract climate impacts in each school group’s region.

School visits are typically conducted by the entire Schwörer family, and may include crew members and volunteers. A special benefit is that the Schwörer children love to share their first-hand expedition experiences, inspiring real connections and high levels of participation with students in various aged school groups.

TOPtoTOP’s programs include informal science curriculum from field-based experiences and exhibits some of the scientific research collected en-route on behalf of universities and researchers, including plastic pollution monitoring, sea-level rise, flora and fauna reporting, and more. TOPtoTOP offer various classroom programs to inform and inspire children to make a difference in their communities and in the world.

General information:

  • no costs, a donation is welcome
  • preferred age group: from 5 to 100 years old
  • min. 50 – max. 3000 students or more
  • the presentation takes 45 minutes, the discussion 15 minutes
  • the outdoor environmental action takes 15 to 120 minutes and is mandatory
  • we need a data projector, a screen and a whiteboard with markers


  • TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition and nature’s beauty
  • what we learned in living outdoors and “light”
  • why global warming?
  • causes and effects
  • sustainability
  • environmental friendly solutions and projects
  • invitation to the “climate solution drawing contest” and/or the “climate solution award”

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