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We are looking for volunteers on the expedition.

  • teachers with environmental education experiences
  • outdoor sports educator
  • marine biologists
  • climatologists
  • photographers
  • your idea to volunteer

We are looking for volunteers on land:

  • web designer (wordpress)
  • your idea to volunteer

Terms and conditions to participate on the expedition:

  1. you are aware of the risks that could occur during the TOPtoTOP expedition,
  2. you are sufficiently insured for all these kinds of risks,
  3. although you are insured, you take part at your own risk,
  4. therefore you will not hold liable the TOPtoTOP Club or any of its accompanying members or authorized representatives for loss or damage caused by force major events such as bad weather-storms, fire, flood, price changes or civil disturbance etc.
  5. You will not hold liable the TOPtoTOP Club and any of its accompanying members or authorized representatives for any loss or damage arising as a result of omissions or mistakes, if the person is not acting intentional or in bad negligence.
  6. Smoking and alcohol is prohibited on the ship.
  7. Participants violating rules or directions on board or damaging equipment are fully liable for their acts and omissions.
  8. All film, pictures taken on the expedition belongs to TOPtoTOP. TOPtoTOP has all rights to use the material.
  9. A contribution may apply depending on our funding.
  10. The jurisdiction is in Switzerland, and Swiss law is applicable.

Please contact us: info (at)

7 thoughts on “VOLUNTEER

  1. Stefán Daði Karelsson

    hey so i saw you needed a web designer and i was just thinking do you have a server or do i need to get a server otherwise i’m interested in designing a website for you guys p.s. i can also edit videos if thats ever needed.

  2. Hallo liebe Familie Schwörer,
    Mein Name ist Alexandra Steiner, ich bin Biologin und Erd-Künstlerin aus Österreich, und habe Eure unglaublich interessante Geschichte in einer Zeitung gelesen und muss sagen, ich bin begeistert!
    Ich bin sehr an einem Voluntariat interessiert und könnte Sprachtraining in den Sprachen Deutsch und Englisch anbieten, darüber hinaus auch Naturvernittlung/allgemeine Biologie bzw. Heilplfanzenkunde und Malerei und Basis-Yoga 🙂
    Bei Bedarf kann ich einen Lebenslauf schicken.
    Wie lange ist ein Freiwilligen-Einsatz von Eurer Seite vorgesehen? Und welche Voraussetzunghen für einen Einsatz gibt es sonst?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Österreich,

    Alexandra Steiner

    PS: Meine Website ist gerade in Arbeit.

  3. Hi there,

    I learned about this climate expedition from a linkedin profile of Jacqui Hocking. I would love to sign up for this!
    This year I began my own startup in Social Enterprise and Social media where we use the behaviour changing aspects of digital to enact change in sustainability. My main focus is on the reduction of plastic in the seas.
    I am currently working on a project with a large Singaporean Bank to see how we can enact change from corporates.I am also a trainer for Community management, social media. In my private time I sing and perform around south east asia. I am also a dragonboater, stand up paddler and outrigger canoe paddler so i love the ocean and I’m cool with waves. 🙂

    Hope to join you on the expedition and hear from you soon!
    Mathilda Dsilva

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