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Salina performed in Paris

The “Grande Croisière” nautical conference in Paris organized by leading boat yards were inviting Salina and Dario to Paris. They invited the participants to join the TOPtoTOP campaign to clean up beaches from the plastic whenever they go to shore.

IMG_2876Everybody was excited to listen to her talk and Salina did a great performance on the 8th of April. Here an article in the French nautical magazin “Voile et voilier“.

First time in Paris she had the opportunity to see Paris and climb even the Eifel Tower.

Here a feedback from Francois of the “Garcia boatyard in Cherbourg”:  “Dear Dario, I’m very glad that you are back as scheduled for the whole family. It was a pleasure and an honor to have you with us during the seminar. Your presentation, your life journey, your philosophy, and ethics impressed all the participants and definitely inspired us. Salina is an amazing kid and she did very well… Kind regards, François”

We had also the honor to have Jimmy Cornell in the audience: “Dear Dario,
I was very pleased to meet you in Paris and talk about your projects. I hope you found everything in order on your return, both with the family and the state of the repairs…
I wish you and your family all the very best and look forward to meeting you again in the not-too-distant future.

Dario used the opportunity to check for parts for the repairs of Pachamama traveling as far as Bretagne and Normandy. Salina enjoyed the first time in France and was able to practice on this 3-days-trip her French.

Salina was just back in Akureyri to get surprised by a big birthday party for her 13th birthday on the 11th of April organized by Sabine, Mirjam, her brothers & sisters and many locals friends:


Keep going



Ski mountaineering is the best medicine for the kids to overcome the feeling of being shipwrecked and homeless. It is great to ski down from the TOP all the way to the Ocean. There is already over 14 hours of daylight. After the Easter holidays, we will ski from school to the next school to inspire students to act for our climate.




Thanks again to our sponsors Stöckli SkisFritschi BindingsColltex Skins to support us with their great products.


Many thanks also to the support of the ski hill “Hlidiarfall” and the local Ski Club “Skidafelag Akureyri” our kids get into ski racing. Alegra and Andri became ski champions of Akureyri and Mia (2) joined the first race today. Noe became 2nd and Salina 3rd.

But most of the time we are at the boat and everybody helps to fix. The progress is slow, but we hope to move back to our home and boat end of April. Please help too.


To get some money, Dario is working from time to time as a mountain guide (pic shows survival training) and offered to volunteer as a ski patrol on the ski hill “Hlidiarfall“.


Accommodation is very difficult in Akureyri with a family of 9. We probably did a new record in moving into houses and apartments 6 times in one month!

IMG_6321 2

Thanks to friends and the Scouts of Akureyri we could move to this empty old house. Somebody just showed up with a big van to move our staff and in the evening 3 families just showed up with some furniture for us. This is just one of many examples how helpful and generous people are in Island and especially in Akureyri!

Another example: Lunch offered by Arngrimur Johannsson and his staff from the Arctic Museum Akureyri, where we go to exhibit the highlights of our TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition.


More pictures here!



Mast off – Boat out

Sorry that there was some silence, but we had quite some challenges (see below). Now it can only become better. We are happy that there is progress in the repairs of Pachamama at the Boat Yard of “Slipperinn”, Akureyri, Northern Iceland.

Didrik Godacker, a Rigger from Osla helped us to get the mast off the boat and even Garlef Baum from the insurance showed up to get the major repairs organized.

What happened in February?

On the 2nd of February, we said goodbye to Nani to travel back to Akureyri to continue the repairs on Pachamama.

IMG_9336 2

We needed to have the timber construction out of the boat until the 10th of February. On the 6th of February, the day Nani died, we had no place to stay because of changing ownership in the house where we stayed before. Living on our boat was not an option and for a tent, it is too windy. – Akureyri is known as the 3rd-windiest town on the planet.

IMG_4387It was very stressful not knowing in the morning where you end up in the evening and working long hours on the boat. Thanks to friends we managed always somehow to get a warm room but we moved 5 times in less than two weeks. Once we were 6 of us in one room.

We were very sad not to be able to make it back to Nani’s funeral on the 15th. Finally, the funeral was set up just two hours too early to allow Dario to make it back. On the 9th we got a high fever and are more or less sick since. Dario worked with fever and ended up yesterday at the hospital after a terrible night with a lot of pain in his right lung. He has medication now and feels better. For now, it looks like that we all overcome this very persistence sickness. It can only become better!

A big compliment and thank you to Mirjam (together with Noe not being sick): – thanks to her help we are able to overcome this difficult time.


Please donate here that we have enough for accommodation, repairs and get our next project in Greenland going.



End of January the TOPtoTOP kids shared their experiences of the Arctic in Ragaz. 5 classes were involved in the following clean up.


Alegra our Polar-Bear-expert

A loud cry to “help the planet”!

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