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Training for the Top of the Arctic @ Pizol

Our friend Kathryn in Cordova helped us to get to Switzerland for a month. Myclimate sponsored us to offset our CO2-emissions.


That allowed us to talk at the SuisseNautik Boat Show in Bern and do many talks in schools, but also public presentations in tourist destinations, as well as social clubs and in front of employees of companies and institutions. Again we were able to inspire people to act for our climate.


In between we started testing the equipment to sail and climb the tallest mountain in the Arctic, Mount Gunnbjörn. We use Stöckli skis, Diamir bindings and Colltex skins to climb.



As a base we use the wonderful Pizol in Switzerland, where  TOPtoTOP was founded in 1999. Mia, 14 months old, did her first ski run.


In June we like to climb the TOP of the Arctic skiing over 150 kilometers of glaciers from the anchorage in a fjord close to the mountain with the entire family. We like to proof that great achievements can be done in harmony with nature. It will be the first time to access and climb the mountain under fair means.

In the Arctic we like again to collect climate data and climate impacts. We are still looking for a donation for a hydrophone to study the new patterns of migrating whales with rising sea temperatures, check out our wish list.

…but most important will be to connect also Inuit students with students in other locations we visited, to build our major task: building a network of understanding and friendship over borders to problem solve climate change and act for a sustainable future of our planet.

Please join us at our “goodbye presentation” on the 25th of March at 18.45h in the Berggasthof Pizol @ Pizol-Pardiel and for a ski touring trip for everybody the next day, where we meet at 9:00h at the Pizolhütte.

Good news: We are so happy, because we expecting another crew that matching Mia! It might be born in Greenland?


We are expecting to be back on our expedition sailboat Pachamama on the 30th of March.

More pictures from our trip to Switzerland here.




cold to warm – thanks YMCA and Patagonia


The director Bob DeAngelo from the YMCA in Greenwich donated us free entries for the whole family to get fit for our next challenge climbing the TOP of the “8th continent”: Mt. Gunnbjörn in the Arctic next spring.

We did a public presentation about our expedition at YMCA to say thank you.


We had more presentations at the Audubon in Greenwich and at the Southport Congregational Church.

The Patagonia store in New York donated us with some warm clothing to keep warm.


Like always we had our challenges. Doctor Karen Tam was an angel to fix Alegra falling from the mast. She even organized a fundraiser at her home. A famous jazz musician was fixing Salina’s cello when it broke rashing to a presentation in Southport.

Our kids love animals. Tricky to have them on our boat, but we are lucky that we can still enjoy them in the wild.



Inspiring people in the cold!


Click to read  the latest publication of the TOPtoTOP Climate Expedition in “Swiss Wanderlust”.

Visiting thousands of students:

Riverside School, Greenwich was breaking the world record in the TOPtoTOP screaming contest to save our planet. They are so far the loudest, leading before Makkovik, Labrador and Parati, Brazil.


Eagle Hill School Greenwich

Country Day School, Greenwich

Greenwich High School

Corona Arts and Science Academy and Middle school in Queens, New York

Eastern Middle School Riverside, Greenwich

Some public presentations:

Pequot Yacht Club, Southport

Audubon Greenwich

Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich

Marching for our climate:

Making new friends:

Having a good time!





The most dangerous of the gang!


Last seen in a Swiss bar.

Don’t worry! – Police man “Andri” is watching for them all over the place. They have nowhere to hyde!


Happy 2017 -Premiere of NWP film

Please keep following and supporting us in 2017 and enjoy the film:

Today we had the premiere of our NWP film at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club. Congratulations to Sabine! She did the filming and editing with baby Mia in her arms. Many thanks to Mark Lindsey for the laptop, Jeff Fritsch for the software and Livia for the editing course.

Here the latest article: What It’s Like to Travel By Sailboat Through the Arctic


Many thanks to the Indian Harbor Yacht Club and our new friends in the area  for their great hospitality. We sail towards Bermudas as soon as we have a good weather window.

At the moment the weather does not look great, means that we talk in schools around Greenwich till end of next week.

Annual Report 2016 and Xmas

Please download the TOPtoTOP Annual Report 2016!

At the moment the Sydney Hobart Race is on the way. See us racing in 2008! We hope to be back and racing to Hobart again in the near future.

We were very busy in the last 2 weeks leaving Mystic for Greenwich and New York. Here some highlights:

Arriving in Mystic with Santa

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Action in schools and goodby Mystic

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Thanks to Mead Treadwell, we were invited by the Explorer’s Club New York and received by the president Ted Janulis.

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We had a very warm welcome @ the Indian Harbor Yacht Club , where we had a talk and a press conference. See article in Greenwich Times, Le Temps and report on Channel 12.

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Visiting New York and our Xmas miracle

Our friend David works at the GM-Building on the 49th floor. He offered us a tour and we enjoyed the view over Manhattan on this sunny day, looking down to central park and as far as the statue of liberty , where we sail along in same days.

We came along the Trump Tower on the way to the Xmas tree at the Rockefeller Center. Probably because of the children the police let us through and we could even enter the building. We send an instagram from the Trump building, asking Mr. Trump to protect our planet and safe our climate.

We never have been in a show and the whole family has been never in a cinema. Since Hawaii we dreamed to attend a show when we reach NY. On Broadway we learned that the cheapest ticket per kid for Lion King is US 99.-! plus baby Mia is not allowed in the theater. This was anyway too expensive for a family of 7 and we were sad. But here is our Xmas story: Asking for prices for the legendary Xmas Spectacular with the Radio City Rockettes the ticket seller in the box recognised us from the Channel 12 report the previous day. He went: “I know you, you are coming like our Santa in the show all the way from the Arcitc to NY, we will make it happen that you attend the show and even with the baby!” For all of us it was the best Xmas present for years and so wonderful!

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Xmas on Pachamama

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Some days ago Pachamama was iced in and today Salina and Alegra went for a swim in the Long Island Sound. They love swimming and you could not stop them even in the Arctic:



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