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Mystic Aquarium and Schools



Salina, Andri, Noe and Alegra did a great job in the kids-to-kids events reporting from the Arctic.

Thanks to Rob, Sonia and Steven, we had several events at the Mystic Aquarium. The mission of Mystic Aquarium is to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through conservation, education and research.

We also explored ways of working together to inform the public about our shared focus on climate change, including exhibits, education curriculum and online initiatives. More updates on that will follow.

While we are in Mystic we were again busy in several schools in Mystic, Stonington and New London:


Goodbye Christina & Famous Rockstar Doctor Brian


Live concert on Pachamama in Mystic Connecticut:

Recorded by Gina Williams, Mount Parnassus Productions

Note: Goodbye Christina


We had to say goodbye to Christina who has been our teacher for 3 and a half months!

Christina became part of the Family, this was her 3rd time on the expedition. She is a great person, teacher and sailor with a big heart. We share with her the unique experience to sail the Northwest Passage 1st time via Fury & Hecla – and Hudson Strait. It’s a experience we share forever!

We appreciated very much your company and your effort to join us even it was very cold. Christina, a “big thank you” and a big hug from all of us, we miss you! Sabine&Dario, Salina, Andri, Noe, Alegra and Mia



Boston, Mia = 1 @ MIT



Mia is 1 year old – happy birthday! A lot happened in Boston. This thanks to Boston Waterboat Marina hosting us. Here some highlights:

Event at the University of Massachusetts. They told us, it is deep enough for our 8.5 feet keel, – it was 4 feet at 3 a.m., causing bending the rudder stock and a leak! We were pumping water for days till we could temporarily fix it!

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3 Events at the Museum of science!

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Happy Hallow School where we did a presentation and where our kids had a great time joining! Thank you so much for your hospitality and to make it possible!

Events at Russell School and Waldorf School in Beverly

Event at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology sponsored by Swissnex.

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Events at the Mildred Ave School and Brown School.

Events at the New England Aquarium. They streamt my presentation and we got answers as far as Great Britain.

Many thanks to all who made our Boston stop a success. Special thanks to Family Rob and Vicky Brennan, Sonia Hammel, Family Meindl, Family Klein, Waterboat Marina, Brown Advisory and Swissnex:

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Many thanks for the Fundraiser at Brown Advisory, Swissnex and all donors.

Please note:

“Throughout our journeys across the world’s oceans, we know well the challenges of maintaining multiple fuel systems on our sailboat. The Single Fuel Project aims to simplify the fuel needed for powered-travel, heating, cooking and electronics and aims to utilize clean, environmentally friendly fuel.

We love the idea of being able to transition to renewable methanol, a true carbon-neutral fuel source, and to have the flexibility to rebalance fuel use for the specific needs of each voyage. We’re very excited to work with Carbon CEEnergy and see the Single Fuel Project become reality!”

Dario Schwoerer, TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition





F/V Andrea Gail was a commercial fishing vessel that was lost at sea with all hands during the “Perfect Storm” of 1991. The vessel and her six-man crew had been fishing the North Atlantic Ocean out of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Our first public presentation to inspire to act for our climate was in the Gloucester Library. After the presentation people wrote their climate action on a wall, they promised to start the next day. Our Pachamama Orchester during the event:



Our next event was in front 280 kids at the East Gloucester Elementary School. Our kids participated in telling stories about the Northwest Passage.


Finally we made it also into the Gloucester O’Maley Innovation Middle School.


After a long period on sea, we finally climbed a mountain again. The Watson family took us to their ski hut in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. We climbed last Monday Mount Lafayette, a 5,249-foot mountain at the northern end of the Franconia Range. The kids did very well on that 4000 feet and 8 miles climb to the TOP, even the conditions were icy and the path snow covered.

We are so blessed that we have Tom from the Schooner Thomas Lannon as our neighbor. I never met somebody that knows so much about boat building. During our time in Gloucester we all were busy maintaining Pachamama… but also “maintaining” our kids.

Thank you so much Jannes for organizing us a dentist appointment and to our Chiropractic friend.

On election day, there were no school. We gave a presentation at the Gloucester Rotary Meeting.img_5288

The US election are over and we hope that people focus now on the Climate Conference, COP22 in Marrakech!


The plan was to leave today for Boston. We had the boat ready and 4 Gloucester friends with us. Unfortunately the sea did not invited us to sail. There is a gale warning out and a Arctic cold front approaching. For the event 2morrow Saturday the 12th of November at 11 a.m. at the University of Massachusetts we probably travel by train.

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