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TOPtoTOP Clean-Up-the-World Day 2017

IMG_0704On Wednesday at midnight after the second blood transfusion, we had to go with Vital to the emergency unit of the hospital, because he had a hard time breathing and fever. They did different cultures with his blood, urine and spinal liquid and treated him till today Sunday with antibiotics.

IMG_4515The next morning we joined 200 students of Brekkuskoli hiking over the mountain ridge back to Akureyri.

IMG_6795During the time Sabine spent with Vital in the hospital of Akureyri, the rest of the family was under the wings of the wonderful fishing-family Sverrir Gunnarsson & Berglyot Steingrimsdottir and daughter Regina with her children Freybör and Gyda in Olafsfjördur.

IMG_9361We were busy with sheep herding and a huge clean up at the beach to contribute to the “World Clean Up Day 2017”.

This video is about the TOPtoTOP Expedition contributing to the “Clean Up the World Day” in 2017. TOPtoTOP does clean up since the year 2000:

This video is about the TOPtoTOP Expedition in Iceland, involved in Sheep Herding in Olafsfjördur in September 2017. Please promote local food!

It is Sunday! Sabine just made it back to the boat with Vital. He is o.K. and needs another control on Thursday…


Vital needs blood

On the 12th of September, we had another control of Vital’s blood in the hospital after our return from the ICU in Reykjavik (see the last blog). His hemoglobin went down to 77, means he needs blood. We shortly went back to Pachamama to feed the kids and pack. Sabine is now with Vital in the hospital of Akureyri. Vital got some blood today and more tomorrow.

IMG_7217The doctor and nurses are great. We are in good hands and trust God that all comes well.

We just got a text from the boat. The kids are fine and cooking dinner with Mirjam, Jana, and Meret.

You can contact Sabine on “what’s up” number +1 415 516 36 79.

On Wednesday at midnight after the second blood transfusion, we had to go with Vital to the emergency unit of the hospital, because he had a hard time breathing and fever…

Vital Dario Hanin’s 1st adventure!


Vital Dario Hanin Schwörer

NOTE: Join us on the Clean up the World Weekend from the 15th to the 17th of September 2017. Call us on +354 833 01 58.

See our last interview in Iceland:


Soon after Vital was born…

It was s  natural birth without any complications. Sabine and Dario spend the night in the hospital with Vital. Our kids went back to the boat to sleep.

In the morning Dario cycled down from the hospital to the boat to go to speak at the Eco Village Conference in Switzerland. While he was changing flights in Reykjavik, he got a call from Sabine, stating that Vital has to fly by ambulance jet to Reykjavik’s intensive care unit because of his bilirubin andsuspicious for spherocytosis. He tried to get off the plane while the plane taxi to the runway, resulting in a near arrest because he looked suspicious with his water tide computer box. In the same time, the kids watched the plane with Mom and Vital just flying over Pachamama…


It was the first time the family was separated. After 6 days in the intensive care unit in Reykjavik, Vital had his second flight back to Akureyri and the family was united again.

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It was a difficult time for all of us. Many thanks to Sabie’s parents Rosi & Ernst, Mirjam and Jana who joined our kids on Pachamama in Akureyri as well as the many local Icelandic friends helping us!


On the 8th of September 2017 we planted a maple tree above Vital’s placenta in the botanical garden of Akureyri in position N65.40.5185 W18.05.6189 with our local friends:


The days before and after “Vital Dario Hanin” was born:


Salina became 3rd and Andri 5th in the Icelandic National Championship 2017 for Optimists in Rekyavik, thanks to the support of fisherman Sigi.

Grandma “Rosi” and grandpa “Ernst” came to visit:

Noe’s birthday on the 15th of August:

We gave a total of 9 presentations combined with clean-ups and worshops: BrekkuskoliOddeyrarskóli, University of Reykjavik, Climate Ride, EBP, WEYTEC, Rotary Club -, Arctic Museum – and Sailing Club of Akureyri:

“Reto”, Dario’s father, was of big help to the short visit in Switzerland to complete 4 presentations and meetings. He was fortunate to see some family and friends including his grandma.


Vital needs still more blood controls. His status will determine if we can sail before the winter storms kick in. We climbed “Mount Suler” in a snow storm last weekend, – means winter is approaching up here. Meret just joined us again.




Welcome to our new crew on Pachamama!

Born on the 23rd of August 2017 at 20.15 in Akureyri, Iceland: 52 cm long, 36660 g and very lively – already during the whole pregnancy!

Such a miracle! – Congratulations to Sabine! – Thank you, God, that all went fine and everybody is healthy!

We are all so happy! – Welcome to our family!

You can call us on +354 833 01 88 or +1 415 516 36 79


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