Swiss TOPtoTOP 2.0


Sustainable Exploration
Eco-friendly travel by walking and biking to discover inspiring environmental projects in Switzerland


Digital Storytelling
Sharing the journey through social media to highlight successful projects and inspire positive change


School Visits
Visiting schools to engage with students through sharing projects and invite them to do a “climate solution drawing contest”

A bike/hike tour to the TOP summit of each canton to discover the most inspiring examples to help protect our climate.

20 years ago, we climbed non-stop to the highest TOP in each canton to collect the best innovations for our climate (see SRF Archive). On October 9, 2023, we will start again with Swiss TOPtoTOP 2.0 to explore the progress of positive innovations over the last 2 decades. Once again, the TOPs in each of the 26 cantons will serve us as way points on the route through Switzerland.

You are welcome to join us biking and hiking.

Contact us per e-mail or private message on social media to come along and share your ideas!